Tax Forms

Sr.StateRequired No.
of C/Nor’s
Invoice copies with
ST/TIN No. Printed
Type of Form/Permit RequiredType of Form/Permit RequiredEntry Tax ApplicableOctroi Applicable
1.Andhra Pradesh2VAT Form 600VAT Form 600***YesNo
4.Gujarat2Form 403Form 402NoNo
5.Haryana2VAT Form D 03VAT Form D 03NoNo
6.Jammu & Kashmir2VAT Form 65Yes**
7.Karnataka2VAT Form 505 or 515YesNo
11.Rajasthan2VAT Form 47VAT Form 49YesNo
12.Tamil Nadu2NoNo
13.Noida2ST Permit 31/32NoNo

1. VAT Form(600) is applicable on import to Andhra Pradesh for sensitive goods only.
2. CST/LST No. & TIN of consignor and consignee are essential.
3. Form 16 in Kerala is applicable for import of taxable goods by unregistered deals for self consumption only.
* Entry Tas is applicable in case of non-commercial transaction when the consignee Import the goods directly from the supplier outside the state or self consumption and not for resale.
** Toll Tax / Road Tax applicable
*** Only applicable in caseof stock transfer or non-commercial by a registered dealer.
Collection of completely filled ST/VAT form th Consignor at the time of booking is mandatory.